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At DIRECPATH, we are leveraging our industry leading expertise in delivering Cable TV and Satellite TV via HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) systems.  Combined with our close relationship and backing from DIRECTV, we have the ability to offer the full suite of DIRECTV programming to every multifamily home in our service portfolio.  MFH2 is the platform of choice which allows us to upgrade older CATV and Satellite TV multifamily platforms to distribute all of DIRECTV's current offering.

An exciting benefit of MFH2 is its ability to reuse wiring that currently exists on the property. The technology is easily installed in a garden-style or high-rise building, and is cost effective for any size property. Additionally, MFH2 was designed to upgrade existing MFH1 properties on a customer by customer basis to offer the new Ka-band HD channels.
MFH2 is a full service solution and supports the latest line of DIRECTV SWM capable receivers and all of the features available on each model. This includes dual-tuner DVR and the new networking features available on the HD/DVR.

DIRECTV's commitment to television entertainment is clear. Currently, we have the capacity to offer up to 170 National HD channels and currently offers more than 285 top channels of movies, sports, news and more. DIRECTV receivers further define the DIRECTV experience by providing access to exciting interactive television services, such as DIRECTV ONDEMAND, DIRECTV Active, NFL SuperFan, and more via the MFH2 platform.

MFH2 supports all that DIRECTV offers.