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At DIRECPATH, we are focused on delivering on the promise of the digital lifestyle. Today, we are making large investments through systematically deploying the finest Digital Video, Broadband, and Voice platforms ever produced in the multifamily industry.

With the proliferation of HDTV, large scale music, video file sharing, and online gaming, the demand for broadband bandwidth has exploded. Only a multi-service, fiber capacity network can deliver on the bandwidth requirements that today’s generation of tenants are demanding. DIRECPATH has more experience building these networks and delivering the digital lifestyle than any other multi-service provider in the country.

Digital Video: Next generation MFH2, MFH3 digital video networks - delivering the complete DIRECTV® linear and ON DEMAND experience.

Broadband: The best Internet products available through the most sophisticated fiber optic transport network ever implemented in the multifamily marketplace.

Voice: Fully featured, uncompressed, commercial grade Voice Over IP with quality of service and unified messaging.