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Dish Removal Campaigns

DIRECPATH understands that individual satellite dishes placed on private balconies and throughout the common area landscaping can diminish the aesthetic appeal of a property. As a service to our partners, DIRECPATH has a unique relationship with DIRECTV, which enables us to transfer existing DIRECTV accounts and remove personal satellite dishes. DIRECPATH will work with property managers and leasing staff to create a campaign for a specific period of time allowing residents to transfer accounts over to DIRECPATH at no charge.

Once a dish removal partnership is agreed upon, your Account Manager will work with the staff to complete the Dish Removal Campaign. This campaign gives residents an allotted time frame to comply with the FCC standards governing satellite dishes or you, the owner, may remove the dishes. DIRECPATH assists you in doing this by marketing Dish Removal Campaigns that assist in the transfer to DIRECPATH service before the deadline.

Following the campaign and the eventual removal of all dishes, communities will notice an increase in property aesthetic appeal and desirability by residents.