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DIRECPATH has developed one of the most experienced construction teams ever assembled in the independent cable television industry. Our managers have extensive experience in design, construction, and implementation of video, broadband, and voice service networks specifically in the multifamily marketplace.

Our process begins before an agreement is ever signed by a property owner.

A site walk-out is conducted to gather specific information about the project. Then a DIRECPATH project manager is assigned to manage the project until after it launches and has stabilized. This process includes meeting with the on-site team so that they are well aware of the schedule and expected scope of work to occur during this project.

Our team utilizes in-house expertise in design of new technologies including MFH2 and MFH3.

While some companies don't consider this a key part of the delivery experience, at DIRECPATH we do. In fact, we believe that this is where the first impression about our company is formed, and therefore, we place a high priority on making our clients' experience with our construction as professional and efficient as possible.

Our in-house talent in construction is one of the key components of our service delivery.