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Voice Technology

At DIRECPATH, we do not believe that Voice Over IP products should be unreliable, or provide a low quality user experience.  Instead, we are delivering a commercial grade suite of voice products driven by an industry leading commercial grade soft switch platform; extended to every multifamily community we service.

  • 100% Uncompressed G.711 voice CODEC; the same codec used by the digital Public Switched Telephone Networks providing unsurpassed call quality (opposed to highly compressed CODEC’s used by other national VOIP providers.)
  • 100% private, protected transport network between your home and the Voice switch terminating the call.
  • 100% End to End Quality Of Service (QOS) enforcement across our national transport network; bypassing the public Internet (opposed to other national VOIP providers who exclusively rely on unmanaged, public Internet transport).
  • Multiple platforms to support a variety of network architectures in our portfolio:
    • MTA solutions for CATV and MFHx systems serviced with PacketCable.
    • IAD FXS solutions for Ethernet to the Home and FTTH systems serviced with MGCP.
    • GR303 FXS solutions for ultra high density TDM applications.
    • IP PBX platform for commercial applications.
  • Full Class 5 Feature Set and Unified Messaging
    • Standard and Advanced Star Features
    • Integrated VoiceMail
    • VoiceMail to Email
    • eFax
    • Auto Attendants
  • Full TDM Equivelency:
    • Full e911 capabilities
    • Number portability
    • Number portability
    • Support for Fax Machines
  • Unlimited Long Distance Options
  • International Calling Capabilities