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At DIRECPATH, we are focusing on solving the problems historically associated with delivering Internet and other packet based services within the multifamily marketplace.  To address these challenges, we are deploying a privately managed, commercial grade transport network spanning all of our service areas - ensuring consistent SLA backed delivery of Internet, Voice, ON DEMAND, and other premium services to every home we service:
  • Redundant multi-gigabit connections to all major Internet Backbones.
  • Service prioritization and network protection insuring a consistent, reliable user experience.
  • Intelligent route control technology dynamically identifies the optimal network path for applications.
  • In market private peering to other regional network operators and content distribution points.
  • OCx SONET protected private transport connectivity between Points Of Presence (POP’s) ensuring maximum uptime and providing SLA adherence for all packet based services.
  • End to end quality of service enforcement guaranteeing reliable, carrier grade delivery of triple play services.
  • Scalable in market delivery to multifamily service locations via dedicated ultra high speed private metropolitan fiber and TDM transport circuits.